"The race that stops the nation's hair industry" airing tonight


"Don't bring your frizzy hair here - BRING IT TO THE RUNWAY!"

Tumbleweeds will roll through hair salons around the country tonight as the finale of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 becomes available online.

The hair & beauty industry, operated almost entirely by gay men (and a few gay men trapped in women's bodies) will officially "drop scissors" around 3pm today before racing to one of their non-stylist friend's houses (who earns an income that can sustain a $10pm Stan subscription.)

"There's absolutely no way we're accepting any bookings or phone calls this arvo" says manager of Just Cuts Surry Hills. "Our voicemail message is literally the whole salon screaming BITCH PLEASE! And then we all belt out a rendition of American."

Sean Corcoran