The Green Park considering suing RPDR following slump in Friday night revenue

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"Our profit margins are shooketh."

Much-loved Darlinghurst pub, The Green Park, oft-frequented by uniquely beer-swilling homos on a Friday night, has reported a sharp delcine in patrons since the premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10.

Swarms of poofters have been sighted fleeing the CBD bang on 5pm Friday nights, all clutching a dirty pinot grigio in hand, making their way to residential viewing parties of the popular reality series.

"Admittedly, we can't compete with that sort of world-class entertainment," says the Green Park's manager. "We are but a humble pub, with a questionable smoking area."

"All I say to the customers who've temporarily abandoned us is: Don't come back here to drown your sorrows when RuPaul inevitably crowns the wrong bitch."

Sean Corcoran