Study reveals gay community's nichest kink: monogamy


Whilst the rare practice might not be for everyone, it's been revealed that at least some in Sydney's gay community take part in the subculture of hardcore monogamy.

"Some of our gay friends think we're sickos", says Ben, whose been in an exclusive relationship with his partner Andres for a disgusting six months now. "But what we do behind closed doors is our own business."

Prior to getting together, Ben & Andres had big leather fetishes and were partial to a bit of nipple play. But they've since found the simple act of remaining faithful much more titillating.

"For us, monogamy is the ultimate form of sexual submission. And the fact it's so rare in our community just adds another layer of taboo. I'd never tell my mum about it, that's for sure. She just wouldn't understand."

Sean Corcoran