Self-described "masc guy" looking forward to finale of wigs, heels and makeup competition


"Sane, sorted, and SAAAAHH EXCITED!"


Local muscle-tee and slides-wearer, Lachlan, is very excited about the finale of RuPaul's this Friday, despite not ever wanting to be caught dead in a wig himself.

He hasn't been this buzzed since that time he snorted a whole bag of cocaine that turned out to be actually one of his pre-workout sachets.

"I can't wait to watch these men I would never look twice at in the street perform their hearts out for my fandom" says Lachlan. "But if the wrong one wins, you can bet my PT will be hearing about it. Also I know they say reality TV isn't fake but I really do think those girls are just miming to the songs."

Sean Corcoran