Penrith man finds CBD Grindr prospects equally underwhelming




Born and bred westie, Brayden, has cheekily logged onto Grindr during his lunch break from his entry-level job at Westpac, hoping to finally find a hookup with all their front teeth.

Despite expecting the CBD to pull a much hotter pool of men - maybe even some cute surfie boys from over the bridge - Brayden has ben left bitterly disappointed.

"I thought this would be a mecca for corporate daddies and visiting internationals," says Brayden. "I thought wrong. It's just the same old guys from my area who must work in the city like me."

"Look, there's Amir - we hooked up in the car park in Penrith Krispy Kreme. He bought me a donut after. Tasted way better than he did."

Sean Corcoran