"I'm not a cub, not yet a bear": Burly man struggles with identity




Relatively hairy and somewhat heavyset man, Ian, has taken some time off from his investment banking job to embark on a journey of self-reflection in the Arizona desert.

Whilst clambering over rocks and humming to himself, Ian has been weighing up what sort of gay tribe he fits into since turning 30, and can't bring himself to log back into Grindr, let alone take out his washing until he figures it out.

"I'm not a cub, not yet a bear" says Ian. "All I need is time, some more chest hair that is mine... And I should probably quit F45 so I can put on some more pounds. Grrr, what a stress!"

Superficially speaking, Ian still possesses a youthful cub-like appearance, however the dad-shoes he opted to wear on the expedition suggests that the bear transition is well underway.

Sean Corcoran