Hilarious meme claims yet another queen's life

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 9.18.19 PM.png

"This is truly an epidemic."

Potts Pointers are mourning the loss of their fellow twink, Billy, after being tagged in a side-splitting meme from Instagram account 'best_of_grindr'.

Upon seeing the meme on his phone whilst exiting Bronzing On Macleay, (which was reportedly an Asia/butterfly thing still doing the rounds for some reason), Billy literally death-dropped to the floor.

Still clutching his phone, Billy's lifelessly orange corpse then somehow managed to type the reply, "DEAD. LITERALLY DEAD. SIX FEET UNDER. CROSSED OVER. SIPPING COSMOS WITH JOAN RIVERS."

Local passers-by were reportedly unphased by the spontaneous fatality, being that this is the 234th meme-related death this year.

"It's just something we've grown accustomed to seeing on this street," says local retiree Geraldine. "Much like those hideous yellow bikes, or three men holding hands."

Sean Corcoran