Halloween Whores sets the mood early with frightening ticket price


"Boo! You're broke!"

Painfully overhyped party, Halloween Whores, sometimes referred to as the birthplace of super-gonorrhoea, has gone on sale this week with a very 'on theme' ticket price.

Following a short-lived early bird sale, in which all tickets were quickly snapped up by Melbourne gays looking to add some Sydney shine to their miserably cold and non-coastal lives, general admission tickets have now been released.

In keeping with the spirit of the event, the tickets are scarily expensive and causing a lot of credit card-clutching queens to shit their pants upon seeing the full amount.

"This will definitely be eating into my costume budget," squealed Dylan, who was already planning to attend naked, albeit with a VHS of The Exorcist tightly clenched between his butt-cheeks.

It remains to be seen if the exorbitant price will discourage sales, but we'll bet you a Protein Revival it doesn't, considering the gay community's love of painting on abs.

Sean Corcoran