Getting blanked at the gym final nail in the coffin for gay man's 3 week relationship

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"I guess this means we're no longer banging. Or talking."

Local sales consultant, Ryan, has been left crestfallen and blue-balled after coming to the realisation that his fling with Ben, a solid 8, has come to an end.

Despite kind of hanging out for the past three weeks, including going for negronis at The Roosevelt, playing with each other's hair while lying in Beare Park, and sitting on each other's faces a few nights a week - Ben now seems to have stopped replying to Ryan's texts.

He even blatantly ignored him at the gym the other day - a tough feat considering Ryan's penchant for hideously fluro activewear.

"I guess this means we're no longer banging." says Ryan. "Or talking."

Unlike Ben's wang, the mini break-up is something that Ryan didn't see coming.

"It's a bit of a shock, yeah. I don't know why he'd suddenly stop talking to me. Then again, maybe he found out I'm also banging his housemate. But isn't everyone!?"

Sean Corcoran