Gay man pursuing sex creatively suggests "catching up"

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"God I’m smooth."

In what has to be the eyeroll of the century, local sex pest Niel, has decided to forgo a frank sexual invitaion in lieu of a passive offer to "catch up."

Neil extended this invtiation to Mark - a complete (albeit hot) digital stranger whom he creepily added on Facebook a week prior.

"As you can see, I'm a pretty smooth operator when it comes to chasing tail," says Neil. "Whilst some guys might put it all out there with dick pics and innuendo, I like to pretend I'm just asking to hang out. When I actually want to be hanging off them."

Despite Neil's confidence, Mark it seems isn't so none-the-wiser.

"I'm not an idiot," says Mark. "What are we going to catch up about? The first half of our message thread? He wants my wang. But he's not gunna get it. No-Siree-bob."

Neil and Mark caught up for 6.5 minutes later that day.

Sean Corcoran