Gay gymgoer tries to disguise obvious thirst trap as #progresspic

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 7.16.20 PM.png

"It's week 6 of my shred. I'm feeling good. Also, please slide into my DMs."


Local gym junkie, Gary, has taken it upon himself to let his Insta following know how his new workout regime is going by uploading a selfie of himself in extremely tight Adidas shorts.

Gary captioned the photo with some shit about macros whilst also adding the hashtags #progresspic #growing #size.

We are unsure if the hashtags were referring to his goal weight or the blatantly growing erection in his pants that the chosen valencia filter was conveniently highlighting.

Either way, we know what you're playing at Gary. And heck, we can get on board.

Sean Corcoran