Gay community gushing over Beyonce's latest instapic of her stool

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 8.41.16 PM.png

"OMG she eats corn too! WE'RE BASICALLY THE SAME!"

R&B megastar and unofficial form of religion, Beyoncé, has once again proven that in the gay community she can do no wrong (and evidently no wrong doo-doo), by uncharacteristically uploading to Instagram a photograph of her poop.

Despite the break of tradition from highly stylised and diva-esque portraits, her loyal fans are reportedly "shooketh" by the post, going so far as to call the photo "a movement - not just an actual bowel movement."

As one fan points out, "The selfie is dead. As of today, it's all about the #stoolie. If you're not taking a photo of your shit and uploading it for the world to see, like honestly, who are you? Michelle?"

Sean Corcoran