Deluded Beresford Sundays patron four beers deep reckons he's "not going upstairs tonight"

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"Nah, I've got to get up for F45 tomorrow boys."

Local party boy, Kent, has cheekily stepped out to enjoy "a few beers" on a Sunday evening at the Beresford with some of his gay chums.

Despite chugging four beers within the hour, Kent has insisted he's got to get up for F45 tomorrow and won't be seen on the upstairs dance floor later on twerking his ass off like he normally does.

Unsurprisingly, by 10pm Kent was doing just that, albeit with his hands down not one, but two stranger's pants - and also managing to have his tongue down a third guy's throat.

Sources can confirm that Kent was later seen purchasing a Large Fiesta Meal at Ogalo around 12.30pm. Alone.

He did not make it to F45.

Sean Corcoran