Charismatic gay man MCs another one of his straight friend's weddings


"Sometimes this feels like my full-time job."


Altogether endearing but perenially single queen, Phil, has found himself MCing yet another of his straight friend's weddings - and bringing a bit of pizzazz to the otherwise vanilla affair.

Phil believes his charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent - which makes him perfect for the job - is both a blessing and a curse, being that he's always the first one people ask to do it.

"Just once I'd love to go to a wedding and stuff my face with free food and booze, and not have to worry about how to pronounce someone's last name, or lie about how beautiful the bride looks" says Phil. "And heck, maybe even make a move on one of the waiters without the pressure of the spotlight."

Reportedly, one time Phil did actually pick up one of the waiters and accidentally left his microphone on as they rendesvoused in the bathroom.

Apparently, the guests heard everything, and the flower girl is still in children's therapy from the noises.

Jesus, Phil, what in God's name were you doing in there?

Sean Corcoran