ARQ's Saturday night show 'TokyHO' celebrates its one billionth performance

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"Amazingly, we've been doing this show for longer than the land mass of Japan has even existed."

The performers in ARQ's culturally appropriated but 'who-cares-it's-fabulous' Saturday night drag show have confirmed that they are in fact not stuck in some sort of continuous time loop.

The show, which this weekend celebrates its one billionth performance, has become such a staple of the much-loved venue that some leather daddies who come to watch it were actually twinks when it first premiered.

The producers, perhaps inspired by Christina Aguilera's long-overdue new music (if we can call it that), have assured clubgoers that "new material is coming."

However, with whispers that the new show is said to be called "Gay-sha", audiences probably shouldn't expect much more than a small lighting change.

Sean Corcoran