ARQ overwhelmingly voted 'Best Gay Club in Sydney' out of no other options


"Thankyou for this mild honour."

The popularity of music, dancing and regret venue, ARQ, has been firmly cemented this week following a very short survey commissioned by community group Gays on Oxford St Coming-Up Hard (GOOCH.)

It was listed as a nominee for 'Most Popular Gay Club' alongside plenty of blank space with no other nominees - leaving the respondents with literally no other options, much like a regular Saturday night.

"Well I guess The Midnight Shift is no more," says a GOOCH representative. "The Oxford Hotel is more of a pub - no shirts off there. Stonewall is just a speed dating venue for anyone under 18 or over 60, and The Colombian? It's not a club honey, it's a fully immersive art installation called The Night of The Living Dead Hens Night."

ARQ also managed to take out the title of 'Best Sex on Premises Venue' despite not being listed in the category.

Sean Corcoran